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DCHS General Metals class assists fire department with tanker project

Members of the DCHS General Metals class are shown here with volunteer firefighter Steve Repasy. The class assisted with the fabrication and installation of storage racks on the county’s fire trucks.

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Over the course of the last few months of the 2012-13 school year, the DeKalb County High School's General Metals Class has partnered with the DeKalb County Fire Department to complete a very important project that increases the capabilities of three of the department's tanker trucks.
The project entailed planning, fabricating, and installing storage racks on the tanker trucks for the portable folding water tanks that the department uses to supply water in areas where hydrants are not readily available.
This ability is vitally important in order for the department to be able to maintain adequate water supplies that meet the Insurance Services Office (ISO) minimum criteria for water supply.
"In order to maintain and improve our county's fire protection rating, we have to demonstrate that we can provide water supplies that can allow us to flow at least 250 gallons per minute for a constant two-hour period.
This equipment will greatly enhance our ability to do that," said Chief Donny Green. 
Todd Cantrell, General Metals Class Instructor, and Steve Repasy, DeKalb County Firefighter, planned and directed the project from start to finish.
Repasy contributed about 50 hours of design and development.
In total, Repasy and other firefighters donated 64 hours of installation labor.
According to Cantrell, the class performed about 160 hours in fabricating the tank racks.
Fire Chief Green said he wants to personally express the department's thanks to the following individuals for making significant contributions:
•Todd Cantrell and DCHS General Metals Class (fabrication and labor);
•Steve Repasy, DeKalb County Firefighter (Project Director);
•Tracy Foutch, Foutch Industries (painting);
•Phil Boner (painting);
•Brian Williams, DeKalb County Firefighter (labor);
•Captain Michael Lawrence, DeKalb County Firefighter (labor);
•Jeremy Neal, DeKalb County Firefighter (labor);
•Lieutenant David Agee, DeKalb County Firefighter (labor); and
•Stan Morris, DeKalb County Firefighter (labor).
In combination, the class and other volunteers donated a total of about 274 man hours and services for this project allowing the cost of this project on all three tankers to be less than $400 total, which was solely for materials.
Green said that purchasing such racks from a fire-service equipment vendor, and having them installed, would have easily cost the county fire department a minimum of $5,000.

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