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Makeup games played for Little League

John Maynard of Liberty Machine fires in some pitches.

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The DeKalb County Little League is still playing makeup games after falling behind in their schedule earlier in the year.
On July 1, Rice’s Tigers met DeKalb Depot in a game that was decided by just one point. 
Daniel Puckett started things off for the Tigers, coming in with a run in the second inning. The run was matched by DeKalb as they came up to bat, with Isaac Hall also coming in with a run. 
The next innings belonged to the Tigers, with Alex Snipes touching home in the third inning, and Jacob Williams getting a run in the fourth. But DeKalb would tie things up in the fifth inning with Jacob Freeman and Nick Morgan each getting a run. 
It would be Williams scoring again in the sixth inning for the Tigers that would give the team the win. They defeated DeKalb, 4-3.
Jadyn Young threw 64 pitches for the Tigers, before Daniel Puckett ended the game, throwing 24. Elijah Hall threw 46 for DeKalb. Logan Cornelius then came in and threw 56. 
That same evening a much different game was played with one team shutting out another.  Webb’s Pharmacy faced off with Liberty Machine. 
For Webb’s, Luke Oliver started off the scoring in the first inning, followed by Grayson Redmon, Brady Driver, Luke Bryant, and Peyton Taylor. Colter Norris would touch home in the second, along with Redmon, Driver, and Bryant. Redmon would end the scoring in the third, touching home plate one more time. 
Webb’s pitcher Brady Driver threw 36, before Luke Oliver came in and threw 15.  Peyton Taylor ended the game, throwing eight. For Liberty, Derek Young threw 84. Conner Rice ended the game throwing eight.
Webb’s held Liberty Machine scoreless, 10-0. 
The league has also announced that it will be selling doughnuts as part of a fundraiser. The proceeds from the sale will go towards installing lights on the machine-pitch field. Orders can be taken through any Little League player or by calling Jonathon Norris at 931-261-4192. Norris says that the league receives no money from the county and relies on concession sales, donations, and sponsors for funding and improvements.

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