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Lady Tigers battle in Marion County

Lady Tigers

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The DeKalb County Lady Tigers didn’t take much time devour their Thanksgiving feast last week, playing three games on three different days during the Whitwell Basketball Tournament.
On Nov. 27, the girls made the long trek to Marion County to take on Sequatchie in the first round of games. The Lady Tigers fell behind early in the game, and struggled to catch up throughout the match. The girls scored 10 points in the first period, compared to Sequatchie’s 18. Kenzie Poteete and Morgan Pedigo each had a three-pointer in the quarter, while Paige Winningham and Ray Baker each had a two-pointer.
The Lady Tigers came out stronger in the second period and narrowed the score. Ashley Barnes had two three-pointers and a two-point shot, while Loren Cripps had one three-pointer. Winningham also had a two-point basket. Sequatchie kept the lead at the half, 32-27.
DeKalb inched a little closer in the third quarter, coming away with 11 points to Sequatchie’s nine. Cripps had a two and three-pointer, while Winningham and Poteete each had a two-pointer. Sequatchie’s lead narrowed, 41-38.
The Lady Tigers would score 10 points in the fourth period, with Barnes coming away with two three-point shots, and Cripps getting one three-pointer. But Sequatchie matched the score and came away with the 51-48 win.
Winningham went four for five on free throws, while Barnes was two for three. Cripps was one for two.
The loss may have motivated the Lady Tigers, for their next two games in the tournament were impressive victories.
On Nov. 29, the Lady Tigers traveled back to Marion County, this time to play Sale Creek. The game stayed close in the first period, with DeKalb coming away with a one-point lead. The Lady Tigers scored 11 points, with Pedigo getting a three-pointer and Winningham coming away with two two-point shots. Barnes also had a two-pointer.
In the second quarter the Lady Tigers really turned it on, scoring 18 points and holding Sale Creek to only three. Poteete came away with a three-pointer, while Cripps had two two-pointers. Winningham, Bolding and Pedigo each had a two-point shot. DeKalb pulled away with a 29-13 lead at the half.
At the beginning of the second half the Lady Tigers opened up with a flurry of three-point shots. Cripps recorded four three-pointers, while Winningham and Poteete had three-pointers of their own. Bolding came away with a two-pointer. DeKalb scored 20 points to Sale Creek’s 18, and the Lady Tigers kept their lead, 49-31.
The Lady Tigers dominated the fourth period, coming away with 25 points. Cripps had two three-point shots and a two-pointer, while Winningham had two two-pointers. Poteete and Hannah Panter each had a three-pointer and Pedigo had a two-point basket. DeKalb held Sale Creek to 11 points in the fourth and took the win, 74-42.
Cripps went three for five on free throws, while Winningham was three for four. Pedigo was three for three, and Dani Meadows was two for three. Baker was one for two, and Poteete was zero for two. 
On Nov. 30 the Lady Tigers were in Whitwell again, this time to take on the host team of Whitwell High School.
DeKalb opened up the game by jumping to a big lead. The Lady Tigers scored 15 points in the first period, while keeping the Whitwell Lady Tigers to 10. Cripps came away with a three-pointer and a two-pointer in the quarter, while Winningham had two two-pointers. Poteete also found the basket for two points.
The Lady Tigers kept up the pressure in the second quarter, scoring 11 more points. Winningham had two two-point shots, while Baker, Jailyn Bolding and Pedigo each had a two-pointer. Whitwell was held to five points, giving DeKalb a 26-15 lead at the half.
DCHS was relentless in the third period, getting another 18 points. Winningham had four two-pointers, while Cripps had a three and two-point shot. Bolding had a three-pointer, and Pedigo had a two-point basket. Whitwell only scored six points and DeKalb’s lead increased, 44-21.
The Lady Tigers stayed on fire through the end of the game, getting 17 points in the fourth period. Barnes had two three-pointers, while Cripps recorded a three-point and two two-point baskets. Winningham and Katie Hall each had a two-pointer. Whitwell could only muster 11 points, giving DeKalb the win, 61-32.
Winningham was two for two on free throws, with Poteete going two for four. Cripps went one for three.

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