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Tigers compete in Whitwell tourney

AIR FRAZIER - You don’t need wings to fly. Just ask Austin Frazier as he goes up for two in a game against Monterey during the Whitwell Basketball Tournament last week.

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It may have been the holidays for many students last week at DeKalb County High School, but for the Tigers basketball team Thanksgiving meant taking to the court. The team traveled to Whitwell last Wednesday, Friday and Saturday to take part in the Whitwell Tournament in Marion County. The Tigers came away with two wins in the tourney, losing one in a close, hard-fought game in overtime.
On Nov. 27 DeKalb faced off with Sale Creek in a game that would be decided by three points. Sale Creek came out hard, taking a 19-12 lead in the first period. Ethan Roller shot two three-pointers and a two-pointer in the quarter, while Eli Lomas and Kaleb Ferrell each had a two-point shot.
The Tigers found their rhythm in the second period, scoring 21 points to Sale Creek’s 14. Roller had two three-point shots, with Steven Jennings coming away with a two and three-pointer. Justin Bone took three two-point shots in the period, with Austin Frazier getting a two-pointer. The score was tied going into the half, 33-33.
The game stayed close throughout the second half. DeKalb scored 14 points in the third period while Sale Creek took 11. Roller had two three-pointers, while Bone took three two-point shots. Ferrell had a two-pointer.
In the fourth quarter the Tigers managed to stay ahead and claim the victory. Both teams matched scores, each getting 14 points in the period, but the Tigers came out on top with a 61-58 win. Roller had a three and a two-point shot, with Jennings getting a three-pointer and Ferrell getting a two-pointer.
Roller and Jennings each went two for two on free throws, while Ferrell went three for seven.
On Nov. 29, the Tigers were back in Marion County, this time to take on a team from Monterey. The game would be a battle for both teams and would end up being decided in overtime.
DeKalb took the lead in the first quarter, scoring 12 points to Monterey’s nine. Roller had two three-pointers, while Ferrell, Bone, and Jennings each had a two-pointer.
The Tigers saw their lead dwindle in the second period, with DeKalb scoring 12 points, while Monterey came away with 13. Roller had a two-point and three-point basket, while Aaron Patterson had a three-pointer. Jennings, and Ferrell each had a two-pointer. DeKalb led at the half, 24-22.
Monterey evened the score at the end of the third quarter, finding the basket for 17 points. DeKalb came away with 15 points, with Roller getting two two-pointers, Bone three two-pointers, and Jennings one two-pointer. The score was tied, 39-39.
The grudge-match continued into the fourth, with each team only coming away with eight points. Lomas and Roller each had a two-pointer, while Bone found the basket twice for two. The game would go into overtime with a 47-47 tie.
In overtime the Tigers scored 11 points, including two two-pointers from Roller, but it was Monterey that came out big, getting 19 points and the 66-58 win. Roller went two for five on free throws, while Jennings went four for five. Patterson was two for two, and Lomas was zero for two.
The following day the Tigers made the long trip back to Whitwell, this time to face Signal Mountain. Again, the match would stay close throughout the game, ending within four points.
DeKalb took the early lead, finding the hoop for eight points in the first period. Signal Mountain would get six points. Roller would get a two and a three-pointer in the quarter.
The Tigers put up 14 points in the second period, compared to Signal’s 13. Roller had a three-point shot and two two-pointers, while Bone had a three-pointer. Frazier had a two-pointer in the quarter. The Tigers were up 22-19 at the half.
The third quarter saw Signal Mountain make a comeback, with the team getting 15 points. The Tigers came away with 11 with Roller, Bone, and Patterson each getting two-pointers. DeKalb’s lead vanished with Signal Mountain taking the one-point lead, 34-33.
The Tigers turned up the heat in the fourth period, finding the basket for 20 points. Jennings had a two and three-point shot, while Roller, Ferrell, Bone, and Patterson each had two-pointers. Signal only managed 15 points in the period, giving the Tigers the 53-49 win.
Roller went six for 11 on free throws, while Bone was six for six. Jennings was two for four, Patterson two for two, and Ferrell was one for five.

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