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Lady Tigers fall to district opponents

Winningham goes up for two during a game against Cannon County last Friday.

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The DeKalb County Lady Tigers played three games last week, dropping two against district opponents, then going on the road and getting a big win in East Tennessee.
On Dec. 10, the Lady Tigers traveled to Murfreesboro where they faced off with a tough district team, Central Magnet. The girls fell behind early in the game, scoring only ten points in the first period. Morgan Pedigo came away with two three-point shots, while Ashli Chew got a two-pointer. Central Magnet found the hoop for 18 points and the lead.
The Lady Tigers could only muster two points in the second quarter, including a two-pointer by Paige Winningham. CM had eight points, and increased their lead, 26-14 at the half.
Winningham had another two-pointer in the third period, with the only other DeKalb point coming from a free throw. Central had another eight points, and their lead grew, 34-17.
Dani Meadows had a three-pointer, while Winningham took another two-pointer in the fourth period. DeKalb would only get seven points in the quarter, while CM came away with 20. Central Magnet took the win, 54-24.
Pedigo was three for four on free throws, while Loren Cripps was two for three. Kayley Caplinger was two for two, with Winningham going zero for two.
On Dec. 13, the Lady Tigers were at home where they took on district border rival Cannon County. The Friday the 13th game turned out to be an unlucky one for the DeKalb girls.
DeKalb scored 15 points in the first period, including two three-pointers by Kenzie Poteete, a three-pointer each for Cripps and Pedigo, and a two-pointer by Winningham. Cannon found the basket for 25 points and the lead.
The Lady Tigers outscored Cannon in the second period, coming away with 21 points. Cripps had a two and three-point shot, while Winningham had three two-pointers. Jailyn Bolding and Chew also each had a three-pointer. Cannon scored 18 points and their lead narrowed into the half, 43-36.
DeKalb had 16 points in the third period, with Winningham making three two-pointers, Poteete getting two two-pointers, Pedigo a three-point shot, and Bolding a two-pointers. Cannon got 23 points and increased their lead, 66-52.
The Lady Tigers scored another 16 points in the fourth period, with Cripps getting three three-point shots, Poteete a three-pointer, and Winningham and Chew each having a two-pointer. But Cannon came out on fire, scoring 32 points. The Lionettes took the win, 98-68.
Cripps was three for four on free throws, while Winningham was one for three.
On Dec. 14 the Lady Tigers traveled to Chattanooga, where they went up against the Lady Patriots. Chattanooga took the lead in the first quarter, scoring 11 points, while DeKalb came away with six. Winningham had two two-pointers, while Cripps had one.
The Lady Tigers held Chattanooga to only two points in the second period, all while scoring 12 of their own. Winningham, Poteete, Bolding, and Katie Hall each had two-point shots, while other points came from free throws. DeKalb had the lead at the half, 18-13.
As the third period began, the Lady Tigers came out meaning business. DeKalb scored 26 points, including three two-pointers and a three-pointer by Cripps, two two-pointers by Winningham, a three-point shot by Poteete, and a two-pointer by Pedigo. The Lady Tigers also held Chattanooga to only two points, increasing their lead, 44-15.
DeKalb finished the game with nine points in the fourth. Hall had two two-pointers, while Hannah Panter and Lexi Bates each had a two-pointer. Chattanooga scored 15 points, giving the win to DeKalb, 53-30.
Winningham, Poteete, Cripps, and Bolding each went two for two on free throws, while Panter was one for two and Chew was zero for one.

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