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News from the mountain

A funny episode several years back came back to my mind about Aubrey and I one night.
We were in the habit of going out Aubrey’s sister Glenda Caldwell’s store, DeKalb Market, after we had eaten supper. Sometimes he might need to get some diesel there for the next’s day work or just to spend time with Glenda. Looking back I’m so glad for the times they got to be together at her store.
Aubrey and I were out in the the front driveway going to get in his pickup, and for some reason, as couples will do, we were saying things back and forth to each other, not fussing but sort of cutting up about something we had been discussing in the house.
Aubrey was getting in the truck and I had my door opened. I am a petite person so I had to sort of jump up to get into the seat as it was a four-wheel drive. It was not my monster truck but Aubrey’s truck.  Well, I really wasn’t paying attention to the distance between me and the truck seat because as I started to jump into the seat. Of course, you guessed it, down I went on the pavement as Aubrey was shutting the door on his side of the truck. I hollered for him to help me and he asked where I was. I said I missed the seat and I am down on the ground. Of course, he comes to my rescue to help me as I am trying somewhat to help myself get up. He is not laughing, thank goodness, just wanted to know if I was hurt. I said no, I don’t think so, just my pride.
On the way out to Glenda’s, I was thinking hopefully that what had happened in our driveway would stay in our driveway.
I was just too naive, and should have known better than to be thinking that. After we got to Glenda’s store and were about to sit down at the small table that we always sat at, Aubrey looked at Glenda and said Carol fell out of the truck as we were leaving the house, and did he ever burst out laughing.
Glenda lost it too, and I sat there with an embarrassed grin  explaining myself. Sure glad it was only Glenda listening and not any of the regular ones that were usually there.
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