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Police impersonator arrested


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A local man pulled over for allegedly driving with a flashing blue light on his dash faces charges of DUI, driving on a revoked license, and impersonating a police officer.
Richard Lee Hindsley, Jr., 47, was charged with his first offense of driving under the influence and fourth offense of driving on a revoked license, as well as being cited for unlawfully displaying blue flashing lights, criminal impersonation of a police officer, and violation of the implied consent law.
Sheriff Patrick Ray said Hindsley drove by where he and another officer were parked with a blue, flashing light activated.
“I was sitting on Highway 56 South with one of my detectives when we noticed a vehicle coming down the road with a flashing blue light on the dash,” Ray said. “It was traveling south on Highway 56, and turned right onto Old Blue Springs Road. I was able to see that the vehicle was not a patrol vehicle or anything like that, so I dropped in behind the vehicle and pulled it over. It pulled into a driveway on Blue Springs Road.”
Ray said the driver was apparently intoxicated, and appeared to be dressed to look like a police officer.
“I noticed he appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant, and asked him to perform field sobriety tasks, which he failed,” Ray said. “His drivers license was revoked, and that was his fourth offense of driving on a revoked license. He also had items on his person that appeared to be meant to make him look like a police officer. He had a black ball cap on, and he also had on boots that looked like what law-enforcement officers wear. He was dressed in black, and it made him look like he was an officer. And he had a blue light on his dash.”
Ray said Hindsley refused a blood test, a search warrant was obtained for a forced blood draw.
Hindsley's bond was set at $7,500, and he will appear in court on April 10. Hindsley is also wanted in Wilson County on a separate charge.

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