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The Amen Corner

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Hope everyone wore green this weekend. I donned my faithful green blazer.
St. Patrick’s Day is observed on March 17 to celebrate his death. The traditional symbols for this green day are the shamrock, the Celtic cross, the blarney stone and the leprechaun. I can always remember this date, as it is the birthdate of my nephew Robin Driver.
Congratulations to Jordan Wilkins, a DCHS senior, on serving as Tennessee High School Democratic chairman. He will be working with the 95 county high school chairs. I predict a politician in Jordan’s future.
Also, congratulations to my good journalist friend Louise Frazier for her longevity in being a Dry Creek correspondent. I taught at Smithville Elementary School when she was a librarian there. She is an amazing woman.
Birthday wishes in March to Adrienne McCormick, Lorie Isabell, and Carol Sampley.
The Methodist Pre-school is having a BBQ dinner and auction on March 20. Tickets can be purchased at the door of the CFC building on Church Street from 6-7 p.m.
Congratulation to Kelsey Evins, who was chosen as DCHS Valedictorian. She is a very talented young lady - sings and plays guitar.
Get-well wishes to Lewis Conklin, Wallace Caldwell and all those at NHC and the Webb House.
Spring break for DeKalb students and teachers will be March 24-28. Hooray!

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