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Dry Creek Flashes

Steve and Judy Beard and Randy, April Maggie and Ethan Prince, of St. Joseph, visited David and Monica Reynolds in Alexandria on Saturday to see their new baby girl, Molly Adilene. Bro. Donald Owens of Lebanon also visited them.
On Monday, those visiting the Reynolds family were Kathy Hendrix, Saywer Hendrix, Elizabeth and Olivia Miller and Brandon Kent. Baby Molly was really loved by her cousins.
Also visiting in the afternoon were Judy Kimbrell and Louise Frazier.
Baby Molly makes the 18th great-grandchild for Louise.
David Reynolds’ mother, Betty Taylor of Smithville, and her niece from Brush Creek were early morning visitors to visit and help with chores at the Reynolds’ house.
Congratulations to Jeanette France, who will celebrate her birthday on March 21. Happy birthday, Jeanette, and we wish you many more with good health. We love our neighbor.
Those on our prayer list this week are: Bobby and Mary Joines, Anthony Wright, Jimmy Midgett, Ruth White, harold Elrod, Helen Burt, Edward and Frances Frazier, Jim Cripps, Joe Ayers, Mai Risner, Kenny Rhody, Kenny Edge, Debbie O’Conner, Lottie Cook, Audrey Owens, Joe and Carolyn Dickey, Buddy and Deborah Fuson, Carrol and Peggy Thomas, James Keyt, Jane Vandergriff, Kenneth Magness, Ernest and Elene Ray, the Reynolds family, the Jack Knowles family, Sarah Walker, and Bob E. and Linda Fuston. These people all have needs. Pray for them, send them cards or do a kind deed.
Glad to report that Edward Frazier is home from rehab and doing well. Edward and Edsel Frazier celebrated their 88th birthdays March 13. Congratulations to them. We send our love, best wishes, and prayers from your friends and relatives in the Dry Creek Valley.
Oh what a beautiful day, sunshine and 75 degrees outside. Everybody in the valley is outside sowing grass and cleaning up yards. We are so thankful for good warm weather.
So glad to report that Greg Thweatt of San Diego, California will be visiting with relatives here for 30 days. Greg has been staying with his uncle Kenny Edge. Glad to have him with us for a while.
Rita Fuson-Frazier of Hermitage visited Louise Frazier and Judy Kimbrell Sunday afternoon.
Hope you like basketball. What a game between Duke and North Carolina. A packed Duke stadium with thousands of Duke fans dressed in blue on Saturday night. We like Coach K and Coach Roy Williams, but for us Duke’s players are the best sports, with good manners and just the best players.
We like Arizona. Their players look sharp, also well mannered and can shoot.
We hope to get a print out for games starting Wednesday for the ACC Georgia. Geah is where Dr. Bruno Frazier is an instructor in electrical engineering. He also owns several farms in the Dry Creek Valley.
Dry Creek Baptist Church had a good service Sunday and Sunday evening.
Look-ahead events:
Always Sunday School at 10 a.m.; Sunday worship at 11 a.m.; evening fellowship service at 4:45 p.m.; and evening worship at 5:15 p.m.
June 29-July 3, Centrifuge for the youth at Ridgecrest North Carolina. Please see Chip and Tracy Sparkman for details and to sign up.
Dry Creek Baptist Church welcomes you to attend its services. Bro. Donald Owens, pastor.
“Let not your hearts be troubled...I go to prepare a place for you.” (John 14:1-2)

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