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Tigerettes battle through games


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The DeKalb County High School Tigerettes played five games last week, four with Grundy County and one with Macon. The team continued their winning ways, but also got something that has been rare this season, a loss.
On April 14, the Tigerettes were at home against Grundy County, in a make-up doubleheader from March 28. The game would be a struggle for the usually dominant Tigerettes, and would not turn to their favor until the final inning.
Grundy took the early lead, scoring one in the first inning, and another in the second. DeKalb got on the board in the third, then tied things up in the fifth. The Tigerettes would take the win in the sixth inning, scoring three runs, to Grundy’s two, sealing the win, 5-4.
DeKalb had seven hits, with five runs and four errors, while Grundy came away with 10 hits for four runs, and one error. Lauren Colwell was the winning pitcher.
Danielle Tyson had two singles in the game, while Chelsey Brannon had one. Loren Cripps had a double, while Katie Hall had a single, and two home runs.
In the next game, the Tigerettes played much better, taking the lead in the first inning, 3-1. DeKalb scored again in the second, then put six more up in the third. Grundy scored three runs in the third, but that would not be enough. The Tigerettes would hold through one and half more innings to take the win, 10-4.
DeKalb had 14 hits, with 10 runs and four errors, while Grundy had seven hits, four runs, and zero errors. Kayley Caplinger was the winning pitcher.
Tyson had three singles in the game, while Tyra Graham had two. Cripps had a single, while Caplinger and Hall each had a single and a double. Brannon and Colwell each had a double during play, while Dani Meadows had a double and a homerun.
On April 16, the Tigerettes were on the field in a game against Macon County that had been scheduled for the previous day. The game was postponed due to snow and cold weather.
This  game would be a battle for the team, going through 12 innings before a winner could be decided.
Macon got on the board first, scoring a run in the first inning, then two more in the third. DeKalb would not see points until the fifth inning, when they came in with four runs and the lead. The Tigerettes kept the lead until the seventh inning, when Macon tied the score with one run. The battle stretched all the way to the twelfth inning when the Tigerettes scored two to Macon’s one. DeKalb took the win, 6-5.
DeKalb had 12 hits for six runs, with two errors, while Macon had 14 hits, five runs, and three errors. Caplinger was the winning pitcher.
Graham and Tyson each had three singles, while Caplinger had two. Brannon, Cripps, and Colwell each had one single. Katie Hall had another homerun.
On April 18, the Tigerettes were on the road, ending the week just as it began, in a doubleheader with Grundy County. The games would again be hard-fought, low-scoring matches, but this time the Tigerettes would suffer something they had only seen once before this season, a loss.
In the first game, each team came away with a run in the first inning, but Grundy scored once more in the second. The game would go on three more innings, but the defense was stubborn on both sides. DeKalb would fall with a one-point loss, 2-1.
DeKalb had two hits for one run, with two errors, while Grundy had two hits, two runs, and two errors. Colwell was the losing pitcher. Tyson and Brannon each had a single in the game.
In the second game, the battle continued. Neither team would score until the fifth inning. It was then that DeKalb got on the board with three runs, and taking the 3-0 victory.
DeKalb had eight hits during play, with three runs and one error. Grundy had two hits and one error. Caplinger was the winning pitcher.
Tyson had two singles in the game, while Brannon, Colwell, Caplinger, Meadows, Shauna Taylor each had one. Hall had a double.

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