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Local man sentenced in Warren auto theft


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A Smithville man was recently sentenced to serve one year of a ten-year sentence for the theft of a car from the parking lot of Yorozu Automotive in Warren County.
Comer Vance, 43, was sentenced by Cicuit Court Judge Bart Stanley after entering a guilty plea to a charge of grand theft. He has been accepted by the Adult Recovery Program, an 18-month program overseen by the court. He may be allowed to serve a portion of his time under in-house treatment.
Vance was accused of taking a 2000 Dodge Stratus from the manufacturer’s property and reportedly admitted to selling  the vehicle to a White County resident for $250.
After being confronted with surveillance footage showing him leaving with the car, and an eyewitness account from a security guard, authorities in Warren County said Vance admitted to the theft. He reportedly told investigators that he needed money to feed his Hydrocodone habit.
Vance pled guilty to attempted sale of a schedule II drug in DeKalb County Criminal Court in March.
He was given a two-year sentence to serve under an agreement that he is to be furloughed to the Warren County Drug Court and fined $2,000.
He was named in a sealed indictment handed down by a special called session of the DeKalb County Grand Jury after an investigation by the sheriff's department into the illegal sale of narcotics.

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