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Mayor declares EMS week in DeKalb

DeKalb County Mayor Mike Foster (left), shown with Interim EMS Director Hoyte Hale, recently signed a proclamation declaring May 18-24 as Emergency Medical Services week in the county. The local EMS has 17 full-time staff members and 20 part-time staff members, and provides two 24-hour ALS units ...

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Interim Director
•Hoyte Hale

A Shift
•Donna Melton
•Scottie Christian
•Kristie Johnson
•Tyler Grandstaff

B Shift
•David Hamlet
•Misty Green
•Kim Johnson
•Allen Mason

C Shift
•Trent Phipps
•Daniel Summers
•Becky Atnip
•Tim Briggs

Day Crew
•Rebecca Partridge
•Jimmy Poss
•Ronald Irwin

Part-Time Staff
•James Allen
•Beth Albritton
•Charles Nokes
•Alicia Fields
•Robin (Smitty) Smith
•Bryan Locke
•Julia Pitt
•Dick Kinsey
•Scotty Jones
•John Poss
•Lonnie Laxton
•Wesley Slager
•Trent Hillis
•Jennifer •Phillips
•Jason Rice
•Matthew Melton
•Kevin Cripps
•Johnathon Rudd
•Edward Brooks
•Greta Stone

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