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Ferrell, Evins awarded White Roses

Kalab Ferrell was awarded a White Rose at DCHS graduation Friday.

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The Class of 2014 said goodbye to DCHS and received their sheepskins Friday evening.
A total of 158 students graduated. Kalab Ferrell and Kelsey Evins were presented the coveted White Rose Awards, and Crystal Vickers went home with the Citizenship Award.
The White Rose is presented each year to a boy and girl from the graduating class for outstanding achievement in leadership, academics, and other activities.The Citizenship Award is given to the senior who has demonstrated outstanding service, devotion and loyalty to DeKalb County High School.
Valedictorian Kelsey Evins advised her fellow graduates to find what they love to do and pursue it.
“Pursuing your passion, whatever that is, is the one thing that makes you forget the world. That's what will propel your dreams into the sky,” she said.
Class President Jordan Wilkins complimented the class on its dedication.
“With anything a person does in life, it takes dedication to complete. Obviously, graduating is a goal we set. Tonight, we are achieving this goal. There is only one word to describe this process. It is teamwork. With teamwork and good friendships, we bonded together, encouraged each other, and sometimes scolded one another to make this night possible,” Wilkins told his classmates.
Dr Hugh Don Cripps, president of the first DCHS graduating class in 1964, also advised the graduates to pursue their passions.
“Dare to pursue the career about which you are passionate. Survey all the possibilities open to you, but invest your time and energy in the most likely probabilities. Dare to go the extra mile.”
Josh Davidson of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes offered the invocation, and music was provided by the DCHS Band and Chorus. The Benediction was delivered by Ashley Barnes.

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