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Congratulations to Mabel Pack, her name was drawn on WJLE birthday club for a free dinner at Kilgore’s restaurant.
Phillip and Sue Close took her and Betty Sandlin to Kilgore’s, and Carlon and Jeanette Mabe joined them for dinner.
Betty Sandlin celebrated a birthday recently. Valeria Mears came and took her mother, Mabel to McMinnville for lunch at Captain D’s.
I hope she has many more happy birthdays.
Shawn Knight came on Saturday and took her to eat at Cracker Barrel in Murfreesboro.
Barbara Lawson visited Sue Arnold on Saturday.
Sympathy is extended to Rebecca Vaughn and family in the death of her brother Harold George. 
Belated birthday wishes to Johnnie Ruth Hunt.
On Thursday her and Mary Jane Hooper, and Sue Cook went to Murfreesboro for lunch and shopping. On Friday Johnnie Ruth Hunt and Sue Cook were  guests of  Billy and Mary Jane Hooper for a birthday dinner for Johnnie Ruth. Johnnie Ruth had a wonderful birthday.
Billie Simpson, Shane and Michelle Walker and Anita and Chloe Braswell spent Sunday evening until Monday evening in Pigeon Forge. Everyone had a good time.
Billie Simpson and the Prime Timers from the New Life Pentecostal Church had their monthly meeting Saturday at the Connection Center. They had a great lunch and good fellowship.
Charles and Rita robinson and Lou Autry Malone took Jordon and Sabrina Melton to Lebanon for dinner on Monday to celebrate Jordon’s birthday.
Sunday dinner guests of Barbara Vanatta were Jeff, Jaylene Vanatta, and Rawlin and Jessie Vanatta.
Victoria Stanley and her brother William Stanley of Crossville spent the weekend with their grandparents, John and Peggy Caldwell. Brittany Ferrell spent Friday night also.
Victoria is a cheerleader for Sea All Stars at Crossville High School. They recently competed in Georgia and Nashville.
I wrote recently about how I sold candy as a young girl in order to get dress material for Mama, my sister Ruby and me.  I also went throughout the neighborhood in the Snow Hill community selling Rosebud Suave and garden seeds.
Of course I earned a little money by selling those things, and we really needed the extra money. Mama used our eggs to trade with the peddler, and sometimes we would also trade a chicken or two for flour, salt or something that could not be grown in our garden.
While thinking about those days this week, I remembered that I enjoyed the time selling because it allowed me to visit with our neighbors.
I especially liked to listen to the older folks tell about when they were young, about their growing up years, about the Great Depression and everything else.
I have always loved listening to stories, and I guess that is why I like to tell stories myself. A young person can learn a lot by listening to older folks. And the elderly appreciate the attention given to them.
Ralph and June tell me that they are amazed at how I remember things.  I can’t recall as I once did.  Ralph will ask sometimes how our family is related to someone in DeKalb County, and I will explain the connection through grandparents or parents.  I have just always enjoyed getting to know folks and listening to their stories about life.
I appreciate those who read my weekly article and let me know that you enjoy my reminiscing. Some of my regular telephone buddies and I talk for hours each day about the old times. It gives me a joy to recall those years.

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