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The Amen Corner

To snow or not to snow? That has been the question all winter. It’s a good thing man cannot control the weather. The Ides of March are upon us, whatever that means.
Happy Birthday in the first half of March to Levaughnda Midgett, Kristen Malone, Amanda Rhoady, Laura Carter, Susan Palmer, Allison Rigsby, Charlotte Barnard, Derek Driver, and Bob Morse.
Congratulations to LeVaughnda Midgett, County Teacher of the Year. She is a teacher at Smithville Elementary, and a very deserving teacher.
The weekend of Feb. 21-23, Becky Davis’ home was the scene of an “all girls” weekend. Her daughter Mary of Nashville visited her mother and brought four friends with her. Ann, Carol, Mallory and Maria enjoyed a weekend of chatting, rest and relaxation.
I lost a very good friend last week. Faye battled cancer for over a year, and died last Wednesday.  She, a former teacher in Nashville, also worked for UCHRA in Cookeville. Faye was very creative, another Martha Stewart, and a fantastic party hostess. 
She was very thoughtful when her friends had a birthday or illness. Her friend Bert Driver and her brother did eulogies, along with Dr. John Carpenter, her pastor.
We all miss Faye and her many contributions to society.

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