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Happy retirement Nancy Pack

Retirement wishes to Nancy Cantrell Pack after 30 years as a bank teller. She started working at Citizens Bank in 1983. She saw the bank go through many name changes - First American and then First Bank. She had previously worked at Genesco and then the hospital. She and her husband Kenneth have three children: Terry who lives in Nashville; Nikki who lives in Gordonsville; and Adam who lives in  Eagleville. They have four grandchildren. The bank staff at First Bank hosted a retirement party for Nancy on her last day Feb. 28.
Dr. Suess’ birthday was celebrated last week by many school children. They came home with homemade red and white stove pipe hats.
Celebrating last half of birthdays in March are Jerry Williams, Terry Gibson, Barry Miller, Jeanette France, Wesley Carpenter, Drew Tatum, Marc Palamara, Julia Little, Meredith Little, Fay Burch Young, Nola Sonner, Tammy Judkins, Donna Gibson, Eli Oliver, Kristin Malone, Amanda Rhody, Laura Carter, Susan Palmer and Allison Rigsby.
Get-well wishes to Brenda Cantrell at First Bank who had eye surgery last week.
My sister Charlotte Barnard celebrated a birthday last week. Her family gathered at my house for ice cream and cake. Faye Fuqua joined them later in the evening. She received a solar birth bath from Wendy.
Member of the Children’s Etiquette Class graduated during the morning worship service last Sunday morning at First Methodist. This included: Kiana Driver, Ellie Hendrixson, Logan Smith, Caleb Parham, Preston Summers, Ali Copeland, Adrienne McGhee, Ashton Campbell and Maria Little. The 14 assistants were also recognized with a red rose. Dr. John Carpenter and Johnna Owens provided the music on guitars. I hope to have a picture next week.
Also Lillie Vaughn has returned from a trip to the Holy Land. I hope to have more details and a photo next week.
Closing thought: “A real Christian is a person who can give his pet parrot to the town gossip.”  Rev. Billy Graham

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