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Dry Creek Flashes

Coming out of the Fraziers we see a big truck loaded with fresh cut logs from some location in the Frazier Hollow. It’s destination is a lumber mill.
Lumber mills are not new to the Dry Creek valley. In past years, men and we can name a few who owned and operated lumber mills for a living.
Brack White and Bill Cubbins operated a lumber mill in the Cubbin’s Hollow.
Palace Cripps and son, Austin owned and operated their lumber mill near their home on up the valley where we believe the Frosty Tramel family bought later for a dwelling place and may still own.
These lumbermen are all dead and at present there are no lumber mills in the valley that operate as such.
In the lower part of the valley, we believe there was a lumber mill owned and operated by Mr. Fuson, who was related to the late Dr. Bob Fuson.
Lumber is a necessity, very useful and we all appreciate our lumbermen.
We say hello to one that we know, Tommy Hooper of Smithville new at the job but a good one.
Wow! it is cold this Wednesday morning. Just as the weather lady predicted, the ground was covered with a killing frost. Fruit trees here in the valley are in full bloom, and we may not have any fruit this year.
Edward frazier always brings pears to the Frazier family, but we’re told that they had a freeze in Smithville. the deer eat our pears and apples every year.
Edward and Frances Frazier visited Louise Frazier after attending church in the valley Sunday evening. They had a special gift for Louise.
Because Louise write so much about the valley, Frances gave her one of her beloved paintings of a portion of the road and its surrounding just before the road curves to go up the hill.
Frances is a well-known artist. We have known her since she was a small girl. We love her and her family.
This painting will be loved by Louise as long as she lives. It was an early birthday gift for her.
Glad to know that Helen burt is much improved and was able to attend church Sunday.
Bobby Joines is doing okay taking his treatments and being able to eat some food. Mary remains about the same. they say thank-you to neighbors, relatives, and church family for your kindness, prayers and love.
Anthony Wright is doing about the same. Takes treatments one fay, rest one day, works one day. God bless Anthony.
Some friends and relatives have visited Joe Ayers in NHC at Smithville. Joe needs our prayers as he is in a new home for now. May God care for Joe.
Jane Vandergriff of Smithville who has been in Vanderbilt rehab is now at NHC in Smithville. She is a member of Calvary Baptist Church. Our prayers are with her in her time of need. She is a native of Dry Creek valley.
Look ahead events:
Always Sunday School at 10 a.m.; Sunday worship at 11 a.m.; Evening fellowship service at 4:45 p.m.; and evening worship at 5:15 p.m.
June5,7- VBS
June 29- Homecoming at Dry Creek Baptist Church, celebrating 125 years.
June 29-July 3 - Centrifuge for the youth at Ridgecrest North Carolina. Please see Chip and Tracy Sparkman for details and to sign up.
July 1, seniors to Amish country.
July 16, Patriotic service, special music.
July 13-16, revival at Dry Creek Baptist Church.
Bro. Donald Owens invites everyone to come attend all these services. Former members and special friends make plans to attend Homecoming.
O give thanks unto the Lord, For He is Good. (Psalms. 107:1).

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