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The 2022-23 fiscal year for DeKalb County
Sales Tax

According to the Tennessee Department of Revenue net collections for the month of June (DeKalb County and all four cities combined) were $633,472. It was the fourth best month of the year (2022-23) followed by August at $658,908, January at $656,624, and July at $634,274. June 2023 fell short of topping collections for June 2022 which were $641,626.

The following are the local option sales tax collections by month for DeKalb County and the Cities in DeKalb County for the 2022-23 fiscal year and which months were best for each:

DeKalb County: August-$203,812; July-$196,757, June-$183,684, January-$182,660, April $171,314, September $167,806, December $160,948, October $156,092, May $154,750, November $148,681, March $141,411, and February $138,886,

Smithville: January- $418,757; August-$412,765, June- $399,975, July- $395,674, April- $392,905, May- $379,935, October- $365,386, March-$361,475, December- $361,018, November- $348,774, February-$328,904, and September- $306,096.

Alexandria: January-$36,751, December-$33,570, April-$31,408, March-$30,847, June-$30,625, September-$28,805, February-$28,383, May-$26,218, October-$25,383, July-$25,218, August-$24,550, and November-$22,904.

Liberty: October-$16,705, May-$14,385, August-$14,108, November-$13,991, July-$13,878, January-$13,799, September-$13,630, June-$13,421, December-$13,191, February-$12,749, March-$10,905, and April $10,655.

Dowelltown: June-$5,764, January-$4,655, August-$3,671, December-$3,585, April-$3,306, November-$3,246, March-$3,136, September-$3,070, February-$2,890, October-$2,884, May-$2,868, and July-$2,745.

DeKalb County’s net local option sales tax collections with the cities included for the year by month were as follows:

August-$658,908, January-$656,624, July-$634,274, June-$633,472, April-$609,590, May-$578,157, December-$572,314, October-$566,452, March-$547,776, November-$537,597, September-$519,409, and February-$511,814.

June sales tax collections reflect previous month activity.