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Armstrong has announced his candidacy

Bennett Armstrong has served 35 plus years on budget processing on both private and governmental entries with dollar amounts upwards of $900 million. He served on teams as part of in checking, auditing, quality control, quality assurance, and safety.

Later, he turned to teaching as a professor at a cooking college for seven years, and finished his working career by conducting third party audits and training for the COVID-19.

Now retired, he has been elected back-to-back as Mayor of the town of Alexandria in District 1

A Republican Armstrong is active in meetings in the surrounding counties. Divorced after +17 years, he has two children Chris (40 years) and Jennifer (38 years). Chris and his wife, Tiffany, have two boys, Copper (10 years) and Charles (5 years). He is also active with the Liberty Hill Presbyterian Church (10years), as well as serving with several food pantries.

“When a citizen of DeKalb County calls the county to praise or complain about a matter that takes up your personal time, you expect a timely follow up, phone call, or text message, to outline the follow up to assist you with solving the matter. That is known as ‘active listing.’ Follow up is just that, not just a single call, but calling till the party is reached and the matter is discussed,” Armstrong said.

“Likewise, paving a street is not a snap of a finger process, but like New Hope Road to Temperance Hall, it actually is happening. Just as the widening Highway 96/70 has taken time to start, getting all the grants, scheduling and control costs, material and what did you say are your top 5 "fix its ?"

Can we live within a budget for something that takes a while something that is happening is the development of new citizens who want to live here while old family farms are being bought to afford the new subdivisions and then there are windstorms like the one last night to have to plan for. Let’s plan and work together so we all benefit.