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August 1 FSA County Committee Nomination Deadline
Donnie Green

Donny Green, County Executive Director for the DeKalb/Cannon County Farm Service Agency, reminds DeKalb County and Cannon County farmers that the deadline to nominate candidates for the 2023 Farm Service Agency (FSA) County Committee Election is August 1.  

“The election of knowledgeable agricultural producers to FSA county committees is important to all farmers and ranchers with large or small operations. It is crucial that every eligible producer take part in this election because county committees are a direct link between the farm community and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Farm Service Agency is unique because we have a grassroots farmer-elected committee that oversees and delivers farm programs at the local level,” says Green.

DeKalb County Local Administrative Area (LAA) # 2 will elect a representative in this year’s election. Nominees must reside in LAA # 2, which generally covers the western portion of DeKalb County including the Alexandria, Liberty, Dowelltown, Temperance Hall, Dale Ridge, Lower Helton, New Hope, Upper Helton, Dry Creek, and Pea Ridge communities.

Cannon County Local Administrative Area (LAA) # 4 will elect a representative in this year’s election. Nominees must reside in LAA # 4, which covers all areas east of Highway 53 in Cannon County.

Individuals may nominate themselves, or others, as a candidate. In addition, eligible candidates can be nominated by community-based and other organizations, especially groups representing socially disadvantaged farmers or ranchers, in the county where the election is being held before the close of the nomination period.  Nominations and elections are open to all eligible candidates and voters without regard to race, color, religion, nation origin, age, sex, marital status, or disability.  The nomination form (FSA-669A) is available at USDA Service Centers and online at:

Producers should remember the following dates regarding the upcoming county committee elections.  Producers can request, complete, and submit nomination forms through August 1.  Ballots will be mailed to eligible voters by November 6.  The deadline to return ballots is December 4. The elected committee members and alternates take office on January 1, 2024.