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Ball announces candidacy for General Sessions Court
Mingy Ball
Johnny and Mingy Ball

Ball announces candidacy for General Sessions Court

Mrs. Ball is seeking the Republican Nomination in the Republican Primary on May 3, 2022.

Mrs. Ball firmly believes that every person, before the Court, has a fundamental right to be heard without discrimination, bias, undue influence, or advantage. Mrs. Ball vows to uphold the U.S. Constitution, the Tennessee Constitution, and laws that govern our great State.

Mrs. Ball is married to Johnny D. Ball who works in the medical field, and together, they have five sons: Scotty, Justin and Nathan Colwell, Lance and Lane Ball, and six grandchildren. Mrs. Ball understands the importance of family and community.

Mrs. Ball is licensed to practice law in the State of Tennessee and the Middle District of the U.S. Federal Court. She has practiced at the State Appellate Level. Since 2012, Mrs. Ball has owned and operated a successful solo law practice in Smithville. Combined, she has more than twenty years of experience working with the Department of Children’s Services; the Juvenile Courts; and the General Sessions Courts; including an array of civil and criminal cases. She worked seven years for DCS in the Child Protective Service Division (CPS) as a Severe Child Abuse Investigator; two years in the Juvenile Justice Division (JJ) as a Juvenile Probation Officer, and two years in the Family Service Division (FSW), helping children through reunification or adoption. She interned two years as an attorney for DCS in the Special Division for Termination and Adoption, pro bono.

Ms. Ball was the President of the DeKalb County Republic Party for two terms and President of the DeKalb County GOP Women’s Club for four terms. She is a member of the Tennessee Bar Association and several boards within the community. She has received Certificate of Recognition from the Tennessee Supreme Court over the last several years for her service to the community through pro bono work.

Mrs. Ball supports the DeKalb County Recovery Court Program. The program is very challenging in that it holds those involved to a high standard of accountability. Successful completion of the program is life changing, not only for those that graduate, but for their friends, families, and the community. She also advocates for the DeKalb County Prevention Coalition. Mrs. Ball states awareness is key to success and bringing about change.

Mrs. Ball goes on to describe her personal experiences, I know firsthand what it is like to experience the loss of a family member through cancer, mental illness, suicide, and overdose. I know the negative impact that addiction has on friends, family, and society as a whole. I was lost in the system as a child, in and out of foster care, separated from my siblings. I have worked night shift at fast food restaurants and factories, attending school at night and on the weekends, while raising a family. I have been a single parent operating under a parenting plan with all the challenges of co-parenting.

I have an in-depth understanding of day to day life with all the struggles and rewards. Hard work got me here, I am not a product of political favor. I owe no one and I cannot be bought. Through knowledge and experience, I bring an insight to the bench that no other candidate has.

Please Vote Mingy K. Ball in the Dekalb County Republican Primary on May 3, 2022, brought to you by the Committee to Elect Mingy K. Ball.