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Banks Sponsor Achievement Boards at DCHS
Pictured from left are DCHS Principal Bruce Curtis, Casey Midgett with First Bank, and Assistant Principal Thomas Cagle.
Pictured from left are DCHS Principal Bruce Curtis, Alex Woodward with Wilson Bank and Trust, and Assistant Principal Thomas Cagle.

DeKalb County High School has some new boards on display in their hallways that recognize student achievements and hard work. The boards are sponsored by two local banks that say they want to help highlight the work students put in.

“Our goal at DeKalb County High School is to find more and more ways to promote the amazing thing our kids do each and every day,” Assistant DCHS Principal Thomas Cagle. “We’ve got some really bright students that work really hard, in many different facets, and any way we can promote those students we want to take advantage of it.”

“This summer I worked with First Bank and Wilson Bank and Trust, along with Kathy Bates Art,” Cagle explained. “She’s the one that helped me design the boards and get them together. We made these metal signs so we can post student’s names and recognized their accomplishments in a professional way.”

“We will be able to post students who are TN Ready graduate, students who have met their benchmarks and are graduating with honors, and we also have boards that will focus on their overall ATC score, as well as industry certifications for those in our vocational patch, our AP students, and those doing dual credit classes.”

Cagle said that both First Bank and Wilson Bank and Trust gave donations to help get these signs made.

“We’re excited for what the youth of DeKalb County is working towards, and bettering themselves,” said Alex Woodward of Wilson Bank and Trust. “Also, what the staff has done to help recognized the students for their achievements. We’re proud to be a sponsor and be a part of that.”

“We’re just thankful for the staff that is out here [DCHS] and the parents and kids themselves,” said Casey Midgett of First Bank. “Anything we can do as a bank or as part of the community to support the good things happening in the community, we want to be a part of that. This is just one way to recognize some really great achievements.”

Principal Bruce Curtis also thanked the banks for their help. “I appreciate both banks for their generous donations. What we do this for is to recognize students for their hard work and dedication.