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DeKalb Christian Academy Releases Honor Roll
Honor Roll

DeKalb Christian Academy Releases Honor Roll

The DeKalb Christian Academy has released it’s A/B Honor Roll, and Principal Scott McBroom congratulates each student for a job well done.

The A/B Honor Roll is as follows:

First Grade

A Honor Roll - Jackson Duke, and Mia Johnson.
A/B Honor Roll - Cash Ramsey, Paisley Cunningham, Emily Colwell, and Tesslynn Prather.

Second Grade

A Honor Roll - Riley Clayton.
A/B Honor Roll - Winona Turner and Addison Mollinet.

Third Grade

A Honor Roll – Noah Wiley and Rylin Green.
A/B Honor Roll - Raymond Lippart, Anna Fulcher, and Mila Goff.

Fourth Grade

A/B Honor Roll - Jesse Summers, Aislynn Colenso, and Silas Tramel.

Fifth Grade

A Honor Roll – Callie Cramer and Emily Johnson.
A/B Honor Roll - Garrett Muskopf and Eli Colwell.

Sixth Grade

A Honor Roll – Isaiah Tramel.
A/B Honor Roll - Brenna McBroom and Mackenzie Cantrell.

Seventh Grade

A/B Honor Roll - Nikki Watts.

Ninth Grade

A/B Honor Roll - Addison McBroom.