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DeKalb County Adopt a Teacher is Back
Adopt a Teacher

DeKalb County Adopt a Teacher is back for its fourth year!  Members of the community may sign up to adopt a teacher in any of the five public schools in the county.  See links below.

This program helps teachers tremendously each year. What began as a way for one mom to help her child’s school during the pandemic became a labor of love between two friends. “I got the idea from a neighboring county and thought, ‘I can do that!’  In 2020, my daughter was entering kindergarten and my dream of helping her new school had drastically changed. I viewed this idea as a way to give back to those that give much more than they get,” said Shelly Barnes, organizer.

Heather Young noticed the posts on Facebook and contacted her friend, Barnes, to help. “I thought having a sign-up list might take some of the load off Shelly. I loved the idea of helping teachers in our county. Even if we might not be able to directly help every teacher out by buying supplies, getting to help a friend with the sign-up process is definitely a start. Our teachers pour so much into our kids, why shouldn't we try to help out in some way? This is at least a small gesture that helps show our teachers that we support them. I am thankful Shelly started doing this and that I am getting the chance to help her help our teachers.”

Barnes and Young met while they were both in high school during 4-H trips. They have children close in age and are continuing the service-minded activities they learned through 4-H. Their children are “learning by doing” and seeing their parents involved in the community. “Funny how things come full circle,” said Barnes.

The friends are most thankful that the community has embraced this idea and look forward to it every year.

Teachers can sign up through a link sent by their school principal. The community can adopt a teacher using the links below.

·         DWS:

·         SES:

·         NES:

·         DMS:!/showSignUp/4090444a8ae2fa6fd0-adopt10

·         DCHS: