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DeKalb Fair Season Passes Now Available
DeKalb County’s annual fair has been postponed due to the pandemic.

The DeKalb County Fair is fast approaching and a limited number of $30 season passes are now on sale for gate admission. The Grandpa Fair of the South will be held early this year, June 24-29, and each season pass includes six admission tickets that fairgoers can use any day during the week.

Regular general admission to the fair this year at $7.00 per ticket (except for children ages four and younger who will be admitted free), so the $30 pass is a savings of $12 for the week if you plan to attend each night of the fair.

Season passes to the 2024 DeKalb County Fair can be purchased at the offices of the Smithville Review, UT/TSU Extension at the county complex or from the following members of the DeKalb County Fair Board of Directors

·         Matt Boss – President

·         Judy Sandlin – Vice President

·         Jada Moss – Secretary

·         Pat Parkerson – Treasurer

·         Jeff McMillen – Fair Manager

·         Angie Meadows

·         Ron Paschal

·         JoDee Prichard

·         Johnny Barnes

·         Bobby Lee Hale

·         Caleb Taylor

In addition, DeKalb County Fair Manager Jeff McMillen told the Smithville Review that this year’s fair will have three extra nights carnival rides will be available. The carnival portion of the fair will be open June 21-23 with not gate admission. Ride tickets and armbands will be available on the midway.

“Not only are the dates changing, but our carnival is changing to the James Gang Amusement Company,” McMillen explained. “They have a website and a Facebook page for anyone wanting to see the rides that they have.”

There will also be some new events this year, and the return of a favorite. “We will have what the call a Junk Car Jump and Run on Monday night,” McMillen explained. “It’s been popular at other fairs and they use some of the derby cars. People can check it out on Youtube to get an idea of what it is. Two cars race on an oval track, which includes bumps that cause the cars to jump and bump into one another.”

“Tuesday and Wednesday will be the ATV and 4-wheeler races, which we’ve have the past 10 years, and on Thursday we have scheduled a monster truck exhibition, which will feature a truck to ride the kids in. After the trucks put on a show, kids will be allowed again to ride in the monster truck.”

“On Friday night, the rodeo returns to the fair, and of course Saturday night will be the demolition derby,” McMillen said.

“The last opportunity you will have to purchase the season pass will be the Saturday before the fair begins. We’re trying to do everything we can do to make it at feasible and affordable as we can for families to come out and have some fun. We’re looking forward to a good year, and hope everyone joins us for the Grandpa Fair of the South.”