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Emergency Service Workers
DeKalb County Mayor Tim Stribling signed a proclamation designating May 16-22 as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in DeKalb County. EMS Director Hoyte Hale (right) joined Mayor Stribling for the signing.
Pictured from left are Stephanie Brown (EMT-P), Trevin Merriman (AEMT), Cody Johnson (EMT-PCC), Heather Billings (EMT-B), Kim Johnson (EMT-PCC), and Director Hoyte Hale (EMT-P).
Pictured from left are Donna Melton (AEMT), Tony Williams (EMT-P), Jamie Parsley (AEMT), and Charles Nokes (EMT-P).
Pictured from left are Heather Billings (EMT-B), Marie Turpin (EMT-PCC), Michelle Haggard (AEMT), Misty Green (AEMT), Kristie Johnson (EMTPCCICDA), and Dennis Sherman (EMT-PCC).
Pictured from left are Daniel Summers(EMT-P), Racheal Checchi(AEMT), Trent Phipps (EMT-P) and Justin Thompson (AEMT).

Emergency service workers were honored last week, being recognized for their dedication to the community and their sometimes harrowing work.

DeKalb County Mayor Tim Stribling signed a proclamation on Monday, May 17, designating May 16-22 as Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Week in DeKalb County. EMS Director Hoyte Hale was on hand as Mayor Stribling signed the document.

“We are proud of our DeKalb County EMS employees, EMTs, Paramedics, First Responders and Dispatchers. They are on the front lines, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year Their commitment, dedication and bravery speaks to their character and willingness to serve others, not just this week, but every day of the year. We are honored to celebrate their service this week, and we are grateful to them every day,” said Stribling.

The proclamation reads is as follows:

“Whereas, Emergency Medical Services is a vital public service; and

Whereas, the members of Emergency Medical Teams are ready to provide lifesaving care to those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and

Whereas, access to quality Emergency Care dramatically improves the survival and recovery rate of those who experience sudden illness or injury; and

Whereas, the Emergency Medical Services system consists of emergency physicians, emergency nurses, emergency medical technicians, paramedics, firefighters, educators, administrators, and others; and

Whereas, the members of Emergency Medical Services teams, whether career or volunteer, engage in thousands of hours of specialized training and continuing education to enhance their lifesaving skills; and

Whereas, it is appropriate to recognize the value and the accomplishments of Emergency Medical Services providers by designating Emergency Medical Services Week;

Now, Therefore, I Tim Stribling, County Mayor, DeKalb County, Tennessee, in recognition of this event do hereby proclaim the week of May 16-22 as Emergency Medical Services Week.
With the theme, EMS Strong-This is EMS: Caring for our Communities, I encourage the community to observe this week with the appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.”

Along with Director Hale, members of the DeKalb EMS Staff are:
Donna Melton-AEMT, Jamie Parsley-AEMT, Tony Williams-EMT-P, John T. Bradford-EMT-P, David Pitts-EMT-P, Kristie Johnson-EMTPCCICDA, Michelle Haggard-AEMT, Misty Green-AEMT, Trent Phipps-EMT-P, Daniel Summers-EMT-P, Racheal Checci- AEMT, Dennis Sherman- EMT-PCC, Matt Melton-EMT-P, Stephanie Brown-EMT-P, Matthew Adcock- AEMT, Trevin Merriman-AEMT, Jacob Dickerson-EMT-PCC, Cody Johnson-EMT-PCC, Charles Nokes-EMT-P, John Hurd-EMT-PCC, Becky Atnip-AEMT, Lonnie Laxton-AEMT, Rebecca Partridge-AEMT, Kevin Cripps-AEMT, Ed Brooks-AEMT, Houston Austin-EMT-PCC/IC, Marie Turpin-EMT-PCC, Kim Johnson-EMT-PCC, Tyler Grandstaff-EMT-PCC, John Poss-AEMT, Jason Rice-AEMT, Matthew Terrell-AEMT, John Partridge-AEMT, Greg Whaley-AEMT, Aspen Flarity-AEMT, Justin Thompson-AEMT, Greta Stone-EMT-PCC/IC, Terrence Hall- EMT-P, Clayton Anstis-EMT-PCC, Heather Billings-EMT-B, Tony McCulley-AEMT, Kenny Moffitt-EMT-PCC, Wesley Slager-AEMT, Eli Beadle-AEMT, Teena Allen-Office Manager, and Kary Harris-Secretary.