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Farm Service Agency is Accepting Emergency Conservation Program Applications
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Smithville, Tennessee, May 17, 2024: Donny Green, County Executive Director of the DeKalb-Cannon County Farm Service Agency (FSA), today announced that DeKalb County has been approved to accept applications for the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) to address agricultural damages resulting from the May 6 EF-1 tornado and high winds in specific areas of DeKalb County.

The ECP signup will begin June 10 and will continue through July 15, 2024.

The specific damaged areas approved under this signup authorization are the following approved disaster events and general areas in and around the following:

·         EF-1 Tornado and High Wind Damage (North Central)

·         Allen Ferry Rd.

·         North Congress Blvd.                                                     

Green says if you are in one of these specific approved areas of DeKalb County and suffered storm related agricultural damage, you should complete an application for ECP cost-share assistance by visiting the DeKalb-Cannon County Farm Service Agency. Approved applicants may receive up to 75% cost-share of approved restoration activity. Limited resource, socially disadvantaged, and beginning farmers and ranchers may receive up to 90% cost-share. If you have already began emergency restoration activities, please make sure you are keeping records of all materials, labor, and other associated expenses.

Eligible practices under this program include: debris removal and fence replacement/restoration. Damages to residential or farm buildings are not covered under this program. In order to be eligible for assistance, an onsite inspection by USDA officials must reveal that there is at least a $1,000 of total storm related damage. Cost-share may include all reasonable expenses incurred including: materials, services, labor, equipment, and sales tax. All expenses must be documented and must be limited to restoring conservation structures and all other installations to a similar type and function before the disaster event. 

FSA county committees will evaluate applications based on an on-site inspection of the damaged land, taking into consideration the type and extent of damage. An on-site inspection does not guarantee that cost-share funding will be provided.

Farmers who have agricultural damages on cropland or pastureland, and would like to request cost share assistance to remove debris from cropland or pastureland and/or restore fencing for livestock can make application for USDA cost-share assistance during the June 10 through July 15, 2024 signup period by visiting the DeKalb-Cannon County Farm Service Agency office in Smithville. You may also call 615-597-8225, Ext. 2 for more information.