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Frost on the pumkins

News from the Mountain by Carol Gunter


Forget about the frost on the pumpkin...that pumpkin is probably
frozen this Tuesday morning as this was our first freeze of the
season.  Wednesday night's temps will be even colder and in the
twenties.  Toward the last of the week the weather will get better if
we've managed to survive the first of the week.  The weekend
temperatures to be in the seventies to thaw us out.  We got a little
rain out of the cold front that moved through on Monday just not
enough.  A little side note to this cold weather we are experiencing
at the present time.  A woolly worm met me at the back door on our
patio this morning.  He was black on each end and light brown in the
middle.  We may just be getting a sampling of winter coming early and
it could be a rough one.  There is an old saying about the woolly worm
that I've heard for years when they have black on them.  Take for
instance my woolly worm.  The winter will start out really bad, then
the brown area means the winter weather will be milder for awhile,
then winter will lash out at us with a wintry blast of bitter cold and
maybe snow, too, before it's done for the season. Only Mother Nature
knows for sure.
      Some sad news to tell you about in the passing of Billy Eudean
Pack of Smithville.  He was sixty-six years old and passed away on
Friday, October 27th.  A large crowd came together at DeKalb Funeral
Chapel on Sunday to honor "Bill" as "Aubrey" called him.  Bill worked
for Aubrey for several years driving a truck and operating other
machinery.  They became good friends over time.  He will certainly be
missed by so many people that knew and loved him.  But there's also
good news to tell you about Bill as he accepted Jesus Christ and we
know he's definitely well now and in the presence of his Savior, and
so happy.  Please keep Tami and the family in your prayers at this
time in the loss of their dear loved one.
      Friends stopping by this week were Rick and Beverly Hubler,
Russell Taylor and sister Georgene Grissham, Connie Cantrell, Kim Hall
and sons A.J. Hall and Zach Martin.
      We have some people that are in need of prayer:  Cecile Ferrell,
Mary Melton, Joe Gunter (he's doing a lot better), Rose Watts, Ronald
Lawson (he's feeling better, too according to Burley Bogle), Sepal
Pedigo, Charlie Mai Daniel, Alene Ferrell and the families of Ralph
Gunter, Bill Pack, the people of Israel, our country and its leaders.
      The conflict in the middle east between Israel and Hamas keeps
intensifying as thousands of people are dying as this war brought on
by Hamas is raging on.  No one knows what the outcome will be but I'm
hoping Israel takes care of business and wipes out Hamas once and for
all.  Only "savages" come to mind in describing Hamas.  Decapitating
babies, children, women and shooting others is something human beings
do not do.  Israel needs to wipe out this evil that is nothing more
than the pure devil that has infiltrated their land.
      Ruth Brown and family are all doing better at this time.  So are
Ann Warren and her family.  Mai Nell Melton, like me, does not like
this cold weather.  Mai Nell's sister Gracie Bratcher is doing
alright.  I think most of us are staying in during this cold snap.
Alene Ferrell said she and Melvin are staying in as much as possible.
      Thanksgiving, oh Thanksgiving, will be here in just a few weeks.
 We all love that turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce and all those
sides that we just can't get enough of, don't we?  Makes me hungry
just thinking about that meal.  We have the opportunity first to thank
the Lord for all the many blessings He's given us during the year and
all the bountiful food on our table.  Of course, each day He gives us
here we need to thank Him and not just at Thanksgiving.  Cherish your
family this Thanksgiving and make some memories to always treasure.
It will be hard on some families as a chair or maybe two will be empty
this Thanksgiving and hearts will be hurting at the family
      If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at
615-563-4429.  Have a great day!
      Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power:
for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure that are and
were created.  Revelation 4:11