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Sheriff asks for public's help in arson cases

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Sheriff Patrick Ray is asking the public for any help they may have in solving several arsons that have recently taken place in the western end of the county. He is asking that you contact Detective Brian Williams with any and all information.

An abandoned house on Oakley Hollow Road in Alexandra burned the night of August 27 or early morning hours of August 28. The house, which had nothing of any value inside, was a total loss. The owner reports the loss estimated at $15,000.

Another abandoned house on Jackson Hollow Road was set ablaze the night of Sept. 6 or early morning Sept. 7. Again, nothing valuable was inside the house. The structure burned to the ground. Neither houses had electricity run to them.

Along with the houses, a barn and several mailboxes were subject to the arsonist’s spree.

On Sept. 7, a mailbox on Walker’s Creek Road in Alexandria was set on fire around 10:51 p.m. This incident was captured on a surveillance camera.  Though not great quality, the vehicle in the video appears to be an either white or silver Nissan Altima. Another mailbox just down the road was also set on fire that night. Along with one on Hickman Highway and Lower Helton.

The barn set ablaze was also located on Lower Helton. Inside the structure 25 rolls of hay, a 6640 Ford Tractor valued at $20,000, a $10,000 585 Hay Roller and, a 5408 New Idea Disc Mower valued at $2,500 were all destroyed. A Hay bine and hay rake were also heavily damaged in the fire.

“I just want the public to be aware of what’s going on in that area,” said Sheriff Ray. “If you know someone who drives a vehicle like the one in the vehicle, or you see something strange, give Detective Williams a call. If you do see the vehicle, and can get a tag number, that’s great, but do not approach it. We do not want to put anyone in danger.

Sheriff Ray state they have contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations and their Fire Investigation Unit is assisting in the investigation. He also said they have been doing interview with witnesses and possible suspects in the case.

If you have any information, please contact Detective Brian Williams at 615-597-4935 extension 224.