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Sheriff Warns of Phone Scam
Sheriff Ray


DeKalb County Sheriff Patrick Ray is warning the public of a scam that is making the rounds in local communities. The scammer is calling and pretending to be a detective from the sheriff’s department, and asking for payments using prepaid gift cards.

“The scammer has used the name Detective Gill Hill,” said Sheriff Ray. “Most of the people I have been hearing from have professional jobs, and the caller tells them they have done something wrong. They then want to victim to go to a local business in Smithville and get prepaid cards to pay off fines and fees. We want everyone to know that that is a scam. No one from the Sheriff’s Department will ever call you and ask for money.”

“Also, we’ve received some calls reporting scammers saying they are with the sheriff’s department, police department, or the fire department in DeKalb County are doing a drive to raise money. As far as I know there is no fundraiser drive like that happening locally,” Ray continued.

“Be aware when someone calls you. DO NOT give out any personal information, and DO NOT send any money or give out debit, credit, or gift card numbers. The best thing to do is hang up the phone.”

“If you ever have a question, you are more than welcome to call me here at the Sheriff’s Department at 615-597-4935 ext. 7. Never send money, especially when they are wanting you to get some kind of card that you have applied money to. You can always tell that they are scams when they want you to get prepaid cards. If anyone claiming to be from law enforcement or the IRS wants you to pay using prepaid cards, it is a scam.”