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Tennessee State Fair Receives International Association

Tennessee State Fair Receives International Association of Fairs and Expositions (IAFE) Awards

The 2023 Wilson County – Tennessee State Fair was a great year and the second largest attended Fair in its history! This year the Fair showcased 95 Reasons to Celebrate Tennessee – All Rows Lead to Tennessee in ’23 as well as the agriculture commodity Year of Corn. Events and activities from this year’s Fair were entered into competitions amongst other Fairs from around the world to display the great fun, education and competitions that take place at agriculture-based Fairs. Reithoffer Shows, our carnival provider, received the Circle of Excellence Award.

Over 1,900 entries were judged by Fair industry professionals and awards were presented during the 2023 Virtual Award Show broadcasted via Facebook Live. Winners were selected from the membership of the IAFE which has over 1,000 agricultural member fairs of all sizes from the U.S., Canada, England and Australia. The Wilson County – Tennessee State Fair received a total of 23 awards with 13 first place accomplishments, awards in all five categories: Agriculture, Communication, Competitive Exhibits, Non-Fair and Sponsorship Awards!

Agriculture Awards:

•    1st Place—Technique/procedure/policy developed by Fair Management to correct an issue or challenge related to an agricultural issue: Adding a 3rd Livestock show ring.

•    1st Place—Agriculture Individual Photo (Miscellaneous): FFA Members enjoying delicious corn at the Fair to celebrate the Year of Corn as the Fair’s selected agriculture commodity.

•    2nd Place—Agricultural exhibitor events, awards, participation incentives or retention programs: Ag Agents incented to enter State Hay & Field Crops

•    2nd Place—Unique exhibit/promotion/special event/community engagement/competition showcased during the year: Pick Tennessee Products Experience

•    2nd Place—Agriculture Individual Photo (Equine): Showing Mules at the Fair created lifelong memories!

•    2nd Place—Any other agriculture program/exhibit: Tennessee Forestry at the Fair

•    3rd Place—Agriculture Individual Photo (Rodeo): Caught in action—the thrill of pole racing is both exciting and exhilarating as this contestant raced to win the first-place prize!

Communication Awards:

•    1st Place— Digital Advertising Video: Instagram Reel

•    1st Place—Miscellaneous Marketing: Corn Ink Pens with Fair logo

•    2nd Place—Online Advertisements: Instagram Ad Competitive Exhibits Awards:

•    1st Place— Use of Theme Throughout Multiple Divisions of Competitive Exhibits: “All Rows Lead to Tennessee in ‘23” & “Year of Corn” Fair Theme and Agriculture Commodity

•    1st Place—New Division of Competition: Travel Tennessee

•    1st Place—Strategy or Tactic to Engage Competitive Exhibits Participants: Social Media Influencers

•    1st Place—Creative Display: Uses of Corn Education Display

•    1st Place—Competitive Exhibits Event/Contest/Activity Occurring During the Year: Ag Day on the Hill Corn Shelling Competition

•    2nd Place—Display Method and/or Prop: Fine Arts Display Prop

•    3rd Place—Special Contest: Mom Calling Competition

Non-Fair Facility Usage Awards:

•    1st Place—Facility Beautification Project: Updating Building with TN Hardwood Walls

•    1st Place—Capital Improvement Plan & Execution: Made in Tennessee Building

•    1st Place—Facility Partnerships: Middle Tennessee Electric (MTE)

Sponsorship Awards:

•    1st Place—Sponsor Continuity: Vanderbilt

•    2nd Place—First Time Sponsorship: Hiller

•    2nd Place—Sponsor Exposure: Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Picture caption: The Wilson County – Tennessee State Fair was represented at the International Association of Fairs and Expositions annual convention is Salt Lake City, Utah (from left to right) Marianne Pelletier, Shari Bazydola, Johnnie Webb, David Hale, Lanah Hale, Terry McPeak, Helen McPeak, Lyndon LaFevers and Anna Cate Kulas.