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A carrot for Rudolph
Santa letters from Tanya Howard's Kindergarten class
letters-to-santa II w sm
Dear Santa.I want a barbie doll house princess and a popstar doll I want to wish everyone a merry christmas wreck it ralph moive hannah montana shirt I want a little baby kitten.Love, Alexis Dear house, kitchen toys, clothing.Love, Katlynn Ellis Dear Santa.I have been really good this year. IF you could I would really like to have a new barbie bike, a baby doll, that is a Dr., and a easy bake oven and a barbie swimming doll.Love, Mayra Carillo Dear Santa.Hello my name is Landon. For christmas I would like an innotabs skateboard and the movie open season.Love, Landon Colwell Dear Santa.I want fusion hadeas beyblade, helicopter, for my dadddy I want a treestand for hunting for my mommy a new house for my brother bryson I want him to have a fusion beblade for my brother Autson I want him to have a mickey mouse DVD and for my dog jink I want a bone more beyblades an ipand and a go cart.Love, Jordan Parker Dear Santa.I would really like a hat, pants, and shirts for x-mas and a belt.