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A pink jeep for Hannah
Santa letters from Tiny Tots II Day Care Mrs. AVs class
santa-writing-letter w sm
Dear Santa.Please bring me Pink jeep, a Dream light, and I really want a Cinderella Dress.Love, Hannah Beers Dear Santa.I want a Pink Jeep, a dollhouse, Cinderella shoes, a jumping house, and a tramopline.Love, Kara Wright Dear Santa.Please bring me a real Pink Motorcycle, a Dream Light, a purple cook maker and a little I Pod, right now.Love, Deanna Agee Dear Santa.I want a real trampline, a measuring thing so that I can measure myself, a nd a push car for by baby doll.Love, McKenna Miller Dear Santa.I want a Dream Light with eggs and bacon on it, and a shirt with a heart on it.Love, Nina Brown Dear Santa.I want a Cinderella Doll, play carrots, and a drum.Love, Lynnlee Reed Dear Santa.I want a new Barbie movie, some new dress up clothes, make up like mom has, a new trampoline and a real horse.Love, Addison Murphy Dear Santa.I wanta Blue Motorcycle with Hannah on it, a trampoline, a jump house, a refrigerator, and five belts.Love, J.T. Summers Dear Santa.Please bring me a garbage truck with sticks, a little motorcycle, a necklace, and a dump truck.Love, Brantley Goneke Dear Santa.I want a play motorcycle, please bring two, and a four wheeler.Love, Ben Driver Dear Santa.I want a monster truck, a pet bull, a Dalmation dog, and a Bulldog.Love, Jaxson Panker Dear Santa.Iwant a sleep in goat, a pink doll, a bear and a cat.Love, Summer Garrett