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Bonnies miracle - a survivors story
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Not long ago, I was asked this question, “What would be the one thing you would do if you were told you only had a few months to live?”Since this had been an actual reality for me, I could answer fairly quickly, but probably not with the answer they expected me to day.I was a 36-year-old mother with three young children: Kevin age 14, Kyle age 11 and Allison age 3. My desire was to live and raise my children, so I did not accept the death sentence when my doctor said I had less than six months to live.I was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer that had reached into my bone marrow and spread to my lungs, liver, ribs, should blade and the tip of my tailbone. A tumor in my pelvis had fractured my hip.No cure was known and an experimental bone marrow transplant at Duke University Hospital in Durham, North Carolina was the only recommendation from my doctors.