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Chandler has been good this year
Angela Johnson's second-grade class
letters-to-santa II w sm
Dear Santa.I have been a good boy this year I want a game cold reket reif and a poster of Batman and Supeman and an iPod touch and a Star WArs gun and a Batman toy and a Superman toy and an airplane toy and a Bumring and a game for the Wii and a 3DS game enx Cid ov game to the North Pole.Love, Chandler Dear Santa.I want an Ipod and Xbox 360 and a laptop and coputer and DSi3.Love, Cristian Dear Santa.I want a Ipod and I want a laptop mario supr fo game and I want a 3DS with the and I want a playdough. Love, Carios Dear Santa.I want two puppys! I want a food for the puppys!