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So far, the cicadas are staying away from our place.  Of course,
I do keep hearing them in the woods around here.  You, like me, won't
miss them whenever they leave.  One person told me the other day he
thought they were pretty.  I don't think there's anything pretty about
them as I think they are ugly like buzzards, possums and praying
mantises.  Not as many hummingbirds showing up at the feeders for a
while now.  Someone told me the little hummers eat the cicadas and
that's why they are not coming around as much.  If this is true, I
would sure love to see a hummer take down a cicada.  That would be a
sight to behold.  I guess it's never too late to learn something new.
A friend of mine is going to go fishing and use those cicadas as bait.
 Evidently, this works because he and others have caught several fish
doing this.
      I wanted to tell you about an interesting article in a magazine
on the praying mantis.  A praying mantis will attack and eat a
hummingbird as the little hummer is trying to get some nectar from a
feeder.  I've never seen a praying mantis on my feeders.  In the
article it says the praying mantis just waits on the feeder and is
ready to devour the little hummer.  I've never heard of this
happening.  I thought a cat was the only enemy of the hummingbird and
that is why we must put the feeder high enough so a cat cannot jump up
and have the hummer for a meal.
      Had a few visitors at our house this week.  Dusty and Kristie,
and their son Chandler, coming out on Tuesday evening.  Russell
Taylor, Beverly and Rick Hubler, Connie Cantrell, Tony Neal, Rick
Henderson stopping by, also.  Family and friends sure make life
      Let's keep in prayer the following people:  Cecile Ferrell, Mary
Melton, Rose Watts, Charlie Mai Daniel, Walter and Faye Ferrell, the
people of Israel and Ukraine, and the family of Faye Hale.
      We've got some important birthdays coming up in the month of
June:  Beverly Hubler 3rd, Charles Nokes 10th, Jeff Brown 11th, Gunter
Pitts 16th, Brenda Neal 16th, Gracie Bratcher 20th, Jessica Warren
27th, Tracy Neal 28th, James Pedigo 29th and Tracie Hullett 30th.
      June wedding anniversaries are John and Rose Womack on the 8th
and Ricky and Sherry Gannon on the 16th.  Congratulations to all of
Mowed our yard on Tuesday and finished "Aubrey's" mom and dad's place
that day, too, as it looks like we're going to have a wet and soggy
time on the mountain for several days even into Memorial Day weekend
and beyond, if that weather forecast holds up.
      If you have any news for the column, just give me a call at
615-563-449.  Have a great day!
      Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour

wherein the Son of man cometh.  Matthew 25:13