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DeKalb Animal Coalition Happenings
dekalb animal

You can go to a store with a franchise name


Look up and down aisles all things are the same.


Pick out one or pick out two


The sticker shock will get to you.


Come to the DeKalb Animal Place store


Where for your money you’ll get much more.


We have toys for the kids, the home and for you.


Such an assortment of stuff, some used, some new.




Stop by, poke around, you’ll find something nifty,


Our prices aren’t high, but how about nifty?


Proceeds go to the animal shelter’s cause


Caring for creatures of both paws and claws.


110 West Walnut Street is where we are


From where you’re coming, it can’t be too far.


Thursday and Saturday from ten to two,


If you’re shopping longer, we’ll wait for you!


Friday’s hours are ten to four


More time to pick values galore.




It’s Christmas on the square from 5 to 8


December 15th, so mark down this date:


Stores will be open, come on down


Shop our wonderful Smithville downtown.


There will be Christmas music and tree lighting too,


Santa and his helpers can take pictures with you.


Do come to the Animal Benefit Place,


Santa will be there with his white bearded face.


All sales from the Benefit Place purchases go


To the animal shelter, where love always grows.




(The Animal Benefit Place can use donations of book shelves and tables: please bring them during our store hours. Thank you.).