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DeKalb Animal Coalition Happenings

Some of our customers at the DeKalb Animal Coalition Place are just dogs. They come into the store, don’t say and single word, walk around, don’t buy anything and just leave on their little four legs. Friday was a weather wonderful day, and the door to the benefit place for the shelter was open. In prances a black and white dog with a happy face, wagging tongue and sweet disposition. He sits for a brief petting, checks out the place and leaves. I suppose he just wanted an update of the place and progress of the shelter, but since he didn’t stay around long enough to hear the news, you, readers, will now get a doggone good report!


At the monthly meeting, Mike Foster presented the updates: the roof is already on, several doors were installed, the electrical and plumbing fixtures are being worked on, and the spray in insulation has begun. A change in the plans to install the heating and air units in the attic area has given the inside square footage more usable room! Lighting and security cameras have been installed. Ride by and take a look at our new animal shelter located off Sparta Highway behind Tenneco. Please don’t forget to send in your order forms for the Buy a Brick fund raiser, the red bricks will be placed from the road to the front of the building. Make a lasting memory to your pet, family member, friend or something else that you care about. The DAC animals shelter benefit place, at 110 W. Walnut St. in Smithville has the order forms,( as well as the library, Happy Tails and the Community Center). The benefit place is now open on Thursday, 10-2 in addition to Friday 10-4 and Saturday 10-2. Every single day that we are open, generous people are donating items and Christmas is in the air with decorations, cards, stockings, reindeer antler hats, fancy holiday clothing, Christmas dinner ware pieces, angels, and figurines that would look great in your home. Our prices really can’t be beat.


In last week’s article, I wrote about the lizard that I had for 18 years and several people had commented to me how much they liked the story, so I decided to share the short poem that I wrote when he passed away:




After eighteen years of silence


You are buried now in peace


Like the life you had lived and loved.


Today the snow falls to cover


The sod under which you lie


A simple wood cross stands quietly.


No words in your life were ever spoken


Your thoughts were translated by my heart


To a language louder than words.


You were loved and you are missed.


Listen now to my footsteps above your sleep.






If you have a story about a pet that you would like to share, mail it to me at: DAC Post Office Box 354 Smithville, TN 37166, parts of it may be printed in the Smithville Review.