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Dry Creek Flashes
Great loss in the valley
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God in his love and mercy came down at 4:30 a.m., May 3 and took a dear lady from this earthly home in the beautiful Dry Creek valley to her eternal home where there is peace, joy and happiness forever. Willie Jim Ayers Cripps is now united with her husband, Carl Cripps, and the son she loved so much, Gary Cripps, her father, John Ayers, and her mother, Callie, who died when their only daughter, Willie Jim, was only seven years old.Without hesitating for one moment she took the “helm.”Except for the past few years when she was in failing health, this precious lady was the mother to her brothers, Edward, Joe, and Brigham, her father along with her own family of Gary, Dwight, and Jerald.She cooked, washed clothes, planted gardens and did many other chores like sewing, and ironing, etc. Which kept the Cripp’s household one big happy family.Her flowers and front porch was one of the most beautiful in the valley. There were no weeds in her vegetable garden.