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Dry Creek Flashes
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Many of the families related to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Buchanan Frazier were in Huntsville, Ala. Saturday for the wedding of Rebecca Ann Frazier and Mark Scott Smith. The wedding was at 4 p.m. on Montesonne Mountain.Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. David Reynolds, Alexandria; Mr. and Mrs. Todd Kent, Brandon, Elizabeth and Olivia Miller, Lasscasses; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kimbrell, Old Mill Hill Road; Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Cripps, Dismal Road; Mr. and Mrs. Roger Hendrix, Mr. and Mrs. Hared Hendrix and Ms. Louise Frazier, Dry Creek Valley.Attending from Smithville were Mr. and Mrs. Mack Harney and son, Mr. Mackie Harney and Mary Harney Hooper, Murfreesboro.Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Pearson of Florida attended also.Rebecca is the granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John L. Frazier and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas Hill, Huntsville, Ala.