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Cripps graduates
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Mr. and Mrs. Jerald Cripps were the overnight guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Fuson, Alayna and Austin at their home in Paris, Tenn., on Wednesday. They were on their way to Memphis for the graduation of their son, Justin Cripps. He now has a Doctorate in School of Pharmacy.On May 24 at First Baptist Church in Memphis and the Presentation of Hoods was by Peter A. Chyka Pharmacy Department, Executive Assistant Dean, Knoxville.In the pharmacy department the color of the velvet border denotes the academic discipline which is olive.Then on May 25 at the Fed Ex Forum the conferring of degrees was done by Joseph DiPietro, President of the University of Tennessee.Family members that attended the events besides Justin’s parents were his twin brother, Jordan Cripps and his wife, Nicole Cripps, Meloday Cripps, Murfreesboro, and Justin’s friend, Tiffany Waggoner, Smithville.