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Dry Creek Flashes
We give thanks
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It is the beginning of a new week, and we pause for a moment to reflect upon the things which are happening in our world.After hearing about the Aurora tragedy in Colorado, we wonder if we are going to live our life in fear and could this happen again maybe closer to home.And then, we give thanks and are so blessed for every second that we live.Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to those families who suffered a loss in the movie theater massacre.The strong people in Aurora declare that the sun will rise again in Aurora, and the people will pull together for future days. We admire them for their pride and courage. May God, with his love and mercy, comfort these people in Aurora and help them recover from this painful event.Our community extends special get-well wishes to Mr. Louis Fuson, of Henley Hollow Road in Liberty, who has been ill in the hospital but is at home now.We also send get-well wishes to Mr. Kenneth Moore who is ill in a Nashville hospital.