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Dry Creek Flashes
Rain can cause much damage
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All the news in the valley last weekend was “flash floods” and the forecast is right rain all day Saturday and all day Sunday. The valley received about four and a half inches of rain.Everyone gets concerned when it rains that much, because our beautiful Dry Creek stream which meanders through the valley can get out of banks and overflow causing much damage.It did cross over the road Saturday below Roscoe Frazier’s residence. No major damage was done, but it leaves trash and looks ugly when it resides.Dry Creek stream was really big, lacking only a few inches touching the concrete bridge that crosses over the stream and takes you to the W.O. Womack Store Building.The biggest that we have seen the stream was when we lived in the white house directly in front of the W.O. Womack Store and the water was from hillside to hillside, over the main Dry Creek Road in front of our house and extending to the store porch.