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Dry Creek Flashes
Canning corn chowder and making jam
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We have been having some heavy rains almost daily in the Dry Creek Valley. We are thankful for the rains which are needed for farmers to have a good harvest.Hay is the main crop in the lower Dry Creek Valley.There is one nice field of corn on the right as you enter the valley off of Highway 70.Cattle is being raised on the Jared Hendrix, Roger Hendrix, Jeanette France farms and possibly more in the hollows. In the Vandagriff Hollow, Kenny Edge raises cattle.Roscoe Frazier has cattle on his farm.The upper part of the valley, where the Braswells and Martha Cripps family lived, now has no connection with the lower and center part of the valley.We think some people have built nice houses and live there, but we don’t know them.