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Give to Hurricane Irma Response Fund
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Exhaustion.Those that survived Hurricane Harvey remain exhausted.Those fleeing from Hurricane Irma are exhausted.The news professionals and the state authorities are exhausted.Those nonprofits and others trying to help are exhausted.And you, our donors and prospective donors are exhausted. …But like the woman we spoke to the other day who was still in a Harvey shelter and was glued to the television praying Irma wasn’t heading their way, too, we have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. We have to keep going.So on the heels of the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has now established the Hurricane Irma Response Fund.In both cases, 100 percent of the money will go to the affected areas. Period.We, too, are exhausted, but with the memories of the foundation’s work in 2010 to respond to our flood still fresh, we are forging ahead to do what we can to help others … remembering how people across the globe helped us.Please do as we are doing: dig deep and know that “but for the Grace of God go we.”Now is the time to give.