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Happy birthday Joe Ayers!
Dry Creek Flashes
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Congratulations to Mr. Joe Ayers, who celebrated his 76 birthday on May 15, at home with his family, Mrs. Jim Cripps and Mr. Dwight Cripps and his brother, Mr. Charles Brigham Ayers of Smithville.Joe’s mother died when he was very young. His sister, Mrs. Jim Cripps, was a very young girl, but stepped up and became “mother” to her brothers, Edward, Brigham, and Joe. Their father, Mr. John Ayers, a Spanish-American War Veteran, lived a long life.Joe is a “home” person, who is always happy to get up early, help with the morning chores, such as feeding the cows and pigs and watering his sister’s flowers, then looking forward to an 11 o’clock country-dinner.He received his education at the June Bug Elementary School, which was located near the Ayers-Cripps Farm.