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'Happy Waver' spreads smiles
Reader Contributor Maureen Park
The Happy Waver, also known as Ralph Tommy Caldwell, has been greeting cars with a wave and a smile along Highway 70 for five years near Dowelltown. - photo by Maureen Park photo
In a time when the world is flooded with sad and terrible stories of war, terrorism and troubles it is nice to see there’s good out in the world too.Sometimes the good comes in heroic acts of bravery or philanthropy. Not often as well sung are amazing individuals who decide to bloom where they are planted and bring hope and joy in the simplest of ways, perhaps even as simple as a wave of kindness.The Happy Waver of Dowelltown is just such an individual.For years drivers might have noticed an elderly gentleman walking on the sidewalk in Dowelltown and alongside Highway 70. Commuters might also notice the smile and the fact he would wave at every single car that passed him by.You have to be an early-bird to get a greeting as the Happy Waver – as he is affectionately known – is always on the road around 6:30- 7 a.m.“His smile and tireless wave to every car that passed warmth to my heart as a reminder of the joy in just being alive,” said Smithville’s Maureen Park, who often sees the Waver on her way to work.