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Hasten wants a big farm with 100 pulling tractors
Santa letters from Kim Crook's First-grade class
santa letter II w sm
Dear Santa,What I want is a BIG farm set and a gooseneck along with a ton truck.You can also bring me a cow trailer, a cow trailer goodeneck, and you an bring me 100 pulling tractors, 6 sleds and a toy barn, a dump truck, and toy track-hoe and a toy loader, I would also like for you to bring me 7 bulls 7 milk cows, 7 calves, and about 100 pcs of fence, barns and a megzord from power rangers and small house with a big truck it can pull. Also please bring me about 100 goats for my real farm. Santa-don not forget I am a good boy.Love, Hasten Waggoner Dear Santa,I want a golden retriever puppy.