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Lotto Frenzy
From a Cracked Pot
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It seems the entire country has been gripped with ‘Lotto Frenzy’. Admittedly, the thought of winning over $1B (that’s $1,000,000,000) is a tantalizing thought. It seems most of the US populace (alright, me included) dream of what that much money could buy. We’d have enough to build our dream home and a vacation home. We would have enough money to share with our family and ensure our children have what they need. We could take long luxurious vacations. My husband says he would buy himself a new set of tires for his truck.


As I have been pondering what I would do with that much money, it struck me how most of us can be stirred into a frenzy about money but not about God. We think of how money would change our lives: we think of all the things we could buy and of being able to live a life of luxury and ease. But what would that do to our relationship with Christ?


As enjoyable as it is to dream about having that much money, it is much more to know Jesus as your personal Savior. All the money in the world cannot buy your way into heaven. If only we could channel as much commitment to Christ as we do to money and things of this world; if we but had that much passion about sharing the gospel of Christ, we could change the world.