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Micah wants high heels and a purse
Trena Curtis's second-grade class
santa letter II w sm
Dear Santa.I want a iphone 3 and ipod 360 and fuzzy brown boots and fuzzy coats and a pet tuckey and a pet cat and a pet dog and clothes and a computer and jewelry and a radio and high heels and a purse.Love, Micah Dear Santa.I want a pet cat, lots of lps, lots of books, a pet dogg, a pet frog, a DS, a bunny, treasure, a toy baby crib, apple toy, Hello Kitty pillow, a computer, a toy Duck and I want a toy cat.Love, April Dear Santa.Oesta and Moerei fon and Moerei Hied and Lethrtacit and Dim ringo and Baby and Sponge Bob and Pagsh, Red lerg shirt and clok and Flork and Picture Michaelo and Suup , 16 earrings and candles, Strawberry and flat set.Love, Michaela Dear Santa.I want a bat and a baseball, so that I can play with my family. I want a DS. I want a toy.Love, Jordan Batey Dear Santa.I whant a camera and I whant clothes and fuzzy brown boots and a bear and a iphone and hairbose and a crayons and I whant a fuzzy coats and I whant a DS and a baby and fuzzy hat light up pillow and a light up cover and stompys and a pillow pet and a movie and a bunny and pencils and shoes and jewelry and a monkeys and a clock and a computer radio and a high heels and purse.Love, Ally Dear Santa.I want a power rangers toy, a Star War toy soord! I would like a movie of the Quentors, I would like a Ironman 3 movie.